Trailer for the Backup Film Festival Weimar 2016

The backup film festival in Weimar is presenting anually young and experimental works of independent filmmaker around the globe. The film festival is a student organized event by the Bauhaus University. I was part of the international team of students who created the trailer for the festival.

Tasks and Roles

Art Direction

The backup festival in Weimar is an independent short film festival which is presenting the creations of artists around the world. Since the beginning the festival itself is a student organized event. Every year a new huge team of Media students from the Bauhaus University Weimar is shaping the event and every year the execution differs from the years before.

The students split into different groups to work on various task to prepare the festival. Besides being in the film selection committee I was mainly part of the group who created the trailer of the festival in 2016.
The material originated from the trailer was also mixed in a wide range of filler clips, which were shown to announce the upcoming short film.

The festival´s theme in 2016 was “fears”. Thus, the trailer portrays the inner fears of a creator sitting before a white canvas. To create a short movie filmmakers have to face quite a few stages of project phases and overcome some fears. First the hero sits at her working desk trying to shape her ideas into a concept. Suddenly she is in her conceptual world on the white canvas. Now she runs through the different stages of creating a movie from script to storyboard. At the end her ideas and happy little accidents are being combined and the backup film festival logo emerges out of it.

The animation of the girl was rotoscoped. One day of shooting with an actress provided us the footage for rotoscoping. Other animations were created in After Effects. The soundtrack was created after the animation was finished.

I worked pretty hard at this project and was the main driving force behind it. In many brainstorming sessions with the team I created the first storyboards and kept an eye at the Art Direction. I rotoscoped half of the animation and did the major editing of the trailer. Additionally, I supervised the whole project.

This project was quite a challenge. The team was pretty diverse and mixed with many nationalities from Serbian to Chinese. Additionally to the communication issues, everyone had different opinions of the creative direction of the project. This resulted in a lack of content, quality and work ethics. Constantly I had to fill the gaps and motivate my team to work on the trailer.